On his way to Texas!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tyler left for Dallas/Fort Worth Texas on Valentines Day. He called home from the airport at 4:30 am and it was so fun getting to talk to him. (His brothers didn't think it was too fun and all they managed to mumble was "hi Tyler")! He did get to talk to Dillon a few days earlier when he received a 3 minute phone card to call home and tell us he was going to Texas. Dillon said, "Hi Tyler - I miss you, when are you coming home"? And that is all it took for me and Tyler to start crying. It is really confusing to Dillon about "Tyler's mission to Mexico" because it is lasting so long for Dillon. He literally asks every day when Tyler is coming home. It is really cute how much Dillon and Jaxson miss and love their big brother!
Tyler has an appointment with the Mexican Consulate in Fort Worth some time this week. He thinks he will be staying in the mission home there until he hopefully receives his visa and gets on his way. We are eagerly awaiting news as to what happens next.  Tyler has had a wonderful experience in the MTC. He was definitely sick of the food, but you wouldn't know it because he gained 15 pounds there. He asked for a lot of treats and candy while he was there. And he was greatly rewarded with so many wonderful packages sent by friends and family members. We tried to send him a Cafe Rio pork burrito, which he so desperately wanted, but it was confiscated and I am sure an MTC security guard had a yummy dinner on us! He loved his companions and roommates. They are the best of friends and had a lot of fun being together. They had many, many spiritual experiences and were visited by a number of General Authorities and great speakers that had a huge impact on Tyler. Here are some comments from Tyler's letters:

so today was the first time i got to go to the temple while on my mission. It was grreeeeaaat! The spirit was so strong! It felt like home being in the Temple and i loved it 

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ask my companion how often i say that because i constantly scream it to the world!!!! I really do love everything about being a missionary! Jeffrey R. Holland came and suprised us this tuesday for our tuesday night devotional! and i loved it!!! he has always been one of my favorite Apostles and got me crying like a baby! He yells and slams the podium like a man!!! no one could ever fall asleep even if they wanted to! The moment he entered the room the spirit was soooooo incredibly strong i don't think anyone could of talked if thy tried too. the spirit was so strong!!! 

Tyler is loving the life of a missionary! 
The Elders with their Christmas Stockings
"Blue Tie Sunday" at the Provo Temple Grounds

Tyler loves Elder T. He says, "350 pounds of pure poly goodness"!