Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We are still adapting to the new mission plan. It is for all of Mexico and they say it is forever. It makes sense. I know that there will be alot of success from this. We are teaching an awesome family! The family Tacalo Garcia, we love them so much! They didn't make it to church this Sunday and it broke our hearts, but for sure they will make it next week. Well we are hoping and praying that they will. We are hoping they get baptized on the 15th of December. We have a zone conference tomorrow. I am excited. I have a ton of questions that I am going to bring. I love being a missionary. I love you all! I am thankful for this opportunity to serve. I am thankful for all of your support. I am thankful for all the great food here in Mexico. I am thankful for my family! I am thankful for the scriptures.
Love Elder Roberts

No more knocking on doors

Monday, November 12, 2012

This week we worked hard. There was a big announcement from the First Presidency and we are now not allowed to knock on doors at all! We now have to rely on the members to do the finding and we do the teaching, just like in Utah! We are praying a lot for referrals from our ward. We need them alot and without them we literally cant work. Its a big change since I first arrived here. We used to get 300 contacts a week and everything, but I know it will be soooo much better if the ward members do their part. We have a area seventy in our ward and he got up and had a few deacons hand out paper and he commanded the entire ward to write down someone that we could share the gospel with. We got a good 35 references that day! We are excited and hoping that everything goes well! Well I love you all!
Love Elder Roberts

Baptism of Sofia and Pedro

Monday, November 5, 2012

October 29, 2012
This week was good. Pedro and Sofia are getting baptized this Saturday! We are very excited for them and are praying every day that it will be a good experience for them. Pedro is learning a lot and loves church. Sofia received her answer and is strengthening her testimony everyday! I love seeing the Holy Ghost work within people. I love being a missionary! We need to find some people, it is a huuuuuuge problem. We are going to try some new ways of finding.
November 6, 2012
Well thanks for your prayers! They, as well as ours,were answered! Sofia and Pedro were baptized! It was a great experience! It was Elder Bentalls first baptism and he loved it. The service went great! The young women did a musical number for Sofia and Pedro. Pedro wanted the first counselor to baptize him. It was his first baptism as well. We are having a lot of success working close to the bishopric. They will be life long buddies for sure. We are still looking very hard to find people, but the Lord blessed us this week by leading us to 2 families that want to listen to the restored gospel- The Tovares family and the Prado family. We felt something special in each one of the lessons we had with them. I am so thankful for the opportunity we have to teach them.  We are still on the hunt and we want to make the most of our time. I love you all!