No more knocking on doors

Monday, November 12, 2012

This week we worked hard. There was a big announcement from the First Presidency and we are now not allowed to knock on doors at all! We now have to rely on the members to do the finding and we do the teaching, just like in Utah! We are praying a lot for referrals from our ward. We need them alot and without them we literally cant work. Its a big change since I first arrived here. We used to get 300 contacts a week and everything, but I know it will be soooo much better if the ward members do their part. We have a area seventy in our ward and he got up and had a few deacons hand out paper and he commanded the entire ward to write down someone that we could share the gospel with. We got a good 35 references that day! We are excited and hoping that everything goes well! Well I love you all!
Love Elder Roberts