Monday, July 30, 2012

 This week was a rough one, but it was awesome too. So last week we went with Blanca who was progressing so awesomely and she lost a ton of her desire to learn(the family is saying things about the church), so she didn't go to church and we were upset. But the Friday before, we invited a nonmember daughter of a member to church and she went, her name is Reyna. She has received all the missionary lessons but never really wanted to get baptized, but she went to church. So after the sacrament we took her to the baptismal font and challenged her to be baptized for the following Saturday. The spirit testified and she accepted! We went with her everyday to prepare her for her baptism, and she was baptised Saturday. It was a cool experience but my companion and I were wondering what made the difference between us and the other million missionaries that have visited her?? At church, just about an hour after her confirmation, she was helping us challenge another investigator to be baptized and sharing her testimony. She said that we "went and taught her why." All she needed was to hear the doctrine in its clarity. We are preparing the Alderete family to be baptized the 11th of August and they are pretty excited! We are praying alot for them! This week we are praying alot for Luis. We hope that he gets baptized this Saturday. His mom seems alot more peaceful about things. Today I got to play with dolphins and sea lions and seals and giant parrots. It was cool! A member is a dolphin doctor and he hooked us up. Elder Esquivel and I are going to Guadalajara tonight again to another council, so it looks like I get to sleep on a bus again! woooo! WEll I LOVE you all! Thanks for all your support! I know the church is true and that MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERYDAY!!!!! take care of my bros!!!!

We now have P-DAYS!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey everyone! Yup Presidente Wagner made it so we now have P-DAYS! It feels weird but I am glad I am in Vallarta! This week was rough. Luis didn't get baptized. His mom didn't give him permission, but we are still working with him to help him get baptized. We are really praying for his mom that her heart can be softened. We got back from Guadalajara late Tuesday night and it was awesome. I got to see Elder Hall and Elder Lopez there. We talked about the rules of the mission. I don't want to be blasphemous but to give you a good idea of how I feel, I will relate it to the law of moses. I love Presidente Saucedo to death and learned sooooo much from him, but his way to be was very strict and we had ALOT of rules. Now with President Wagner, its like the law was fuflilled!!!! There really aren't any punishments anymore or a whole lot of rules, he only teaches us true principles and lets us govern ourselves. Its a big change but I am learning alot. 
We are teaching the daughter of a recent convert named Reina and she is preparing to get baptized this Saturday. She is pretty excited!!! We were eating lunch yesterday with a family and the hermana had to leave to work Her husband told us that she was going to a huge ranch here in Vallarta to give a massage to Kim Kardashian, We should have gone with her to baptize her but we didn't say anything. We are still working with the Alderete family and we are praying that they can all be prepared to be baptized the 4th of August! I love you all. I know this church is true! Search for revelation!

Leopolo's Baptism!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hermano Leopolo got baptised!!!! It was  a great experience! He had been doing all he could do get work off Sundays and the Sunday of his confirmation they told him he had to work, but he said with a big smile " I am not going" so he didn't and he got confirmed. He has a lot of faith and has progressed a lot. We are planning on preparing a baptismal service this week for a 17 year old named Luis. He is completely escogido and wants to be clean from sin. But his dad doesn't want him to be baptized. We are praying a lot for Luis that everything works out for him Saturday. We had a conference with our new president. He is a man! He is way spiritual and has already helped a lot. The mission is going through a lot of changes and we are going to Guadalajara tonight to a council to talk about all the new plans. I love the mission. I am growing everyday and my testimony of My Father in Heaven is made more and more strong. Personal revelation is the greatest tool in life. I love you all! 

Nuevo Presidente!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well the new Presidente is way cool. He is a very inspired guy. It was a weird feeling to call the contact in my phone "Presidente Saucedo" and hear a different voice. But I am learning to love the new Presidente a lot. He is very open to ideas. We are preparing Leo Poldo to get baptised this week. He is way excited! We are also teaching 3 young people who appear to be escogidos, Edgar, Blanca and Miguel Angel. They were suppose to go to church but didn't show up. We were sad, but they will come the next week. I caught an iguana and a tree frog. I really do love it here. I love you all!

Elder Esquivel!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Heeeeey! Elder Esquivel is my companion again!!! It is the second time we have been together! He is one of my favorite elders in the mission! Paula was baptized and it was sooooo great, except we forgot to turn off the water in the font before the service and the font started to over flow. It was a mess!  But it was a very spiritual service. I love it here! I don't know if we will baptise this week but the next week for sure! We are teaching a man named Leo Poldo and the Alderete family still. They are preparing themselves to be baptized! I love you all!