We now have P-DAYS!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey everyone! Yup Presidente Wagner made it so we now have P-DAYS! It feels weird but I am glad I am in Vallarta! This week was rough. Luis didn't get baptized. His mom didn't give him permission, but we are still working with him to help him get baptized. We are really praying for his mom that her heart can be softened. We got back from Guadalajara late Tuesday night and it was awesome. I got to see Elder Hall and Elder Lopez there. We talked about the rules of the mission. I don't want to be blasphemous but to give you a good idea of how I feel, I will relate it to the law of moses. I love Presidente Saucedo to death and learned sooooo much from him, but his way to be was very strict and we had ALOT of rules. Now with President Wagner, its like the law was fuflilled!!!! There really aren't any punishments anymore or a whole lot of rules, he only teaches us true principles and lets us govern ourselves. Its a big change but I am learning alot. 
We are teaching the daughter of a recent convert named Reina and she is preparing to get baptized this Saturday. She is pretty excited!!! We were eating lunch yesterday with a family and the hermana had to leave to work Her husband told us that she was going to a huge ranch here in Vallarta to give a massage to Kim Kardashian, We should have gone with her to baptize her but we didn't say anything. We are still working with the Alderete family and we are praying that they can all be prepared to be baptized the 4th of August! I love you all. I know this church is true! Search for revelation!