Fort Worth, Texas

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well I am in Texas!!!! I love this place! I have so much to tell you guys I don't even know where to start! Half way through the flight to Texas, I realize that I was given no instruction on what to do after we landed. It turns out that no one knew what to do. But it was not a problem, our mission president found us. He is an awesome guy! He was a pro Bull rider! His wife is pretty cool too, and is an amazing cook! So they drove us to the mission home and explained to us the 4 Bs of The Texas Fort Worth mission. Brisket, Blue Bell ice cream, Braums( is that the restaurant you were talking about, mom?) and most important of all Baptism! I managed to do all but one of those this week! So then she fixed us dinner, I was convinced I was sent to that mission for that meal. I am sure being deprived from real food for 2 months might of had something to do with it but still it was incredible. She made us Brisket wisth home made BBQ sauce and guess what else. FUNERAL POTATOES!!!!!!!!! I was on top of the world! I ate so much! They had cowboy boot glasses that we drank out of and everything! Oh and desert was some good ol' blue bell ice cream! It was great. Then we were sent off in every direction to our mission areas. It was weird saying goodbye to Elder Janssen I have been with him 24/7 for the past 2 months but I knew I would see him again in guadalajara. I arrived at my mission after like an hour. The Fort Worth Fort Worth Texas mission. I met my new Companions Elder Hunter. He went to Bingham so we knew a lot of the same people but he is a grade older and kinda looks like Jayden Hammond. And Elder Romero is from Mexico City and is as native mexican as you can get. They are both awesome! And awesome at Spanish. I felt like a child. They took me to our appartment which some may complain about, but it was like 3 times bigger than my room in the MTC. So I am enjoying it! Then we went straight to a appointment. They did not teach me that language in the MTC! I was sooooo lost!!!!! I could barely understand the topic of the conversation! But already I have improved so much its crazy! I helped teach the word of wisdom and i am always ready and able to bear my testimony en toda espanol. I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE!!!!! Mexicans are great!!! They are so giving and unselfish! We have a dinner every night here with a member and I have only had two days when I had to make my own lunch! They Love the Missionarys!!! By the way where I am in Texas, if someone told me we crossed over the border and were in Mexico I would have believed it. The billboards here are in Spanish!! I am the minority!!!! But its so great! We have a car in our companionship because we have a huge area so we get to listen to music. The rules are if they are an LDS artist or instrumental. The other day while driving in the car windows rolled down, about 70 degrees, listening some David Archy, and driving to an appointment to go share the gospel, I thought to my self there is no other place I would rather be right now!!!! I am still excited to get to Mexico but If the Lord wants me here for a couple months that is fine with me!  Downtown Fort Worth looks like Gotham city. The TCU BYU game was awesome!!!!! IT WAS SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! ha ha just joking, I didnt get to go. but my Mission president went and he said it was the best!!!! But I pass by TCU a couple times a week. This week was nuts! It was one of the best weeks of my life! It was so Busy!!!! So first off in Mexico not alot of people actually get married. They just move in together and start a family, even though they still call each other there esposa and esposo (wife and husband) Its kinda weird but a huge problem. Also alot of people get married in mexico then move up here and move in with there new esposa. So it causes a lot of problems when they want to be baptised. But anyways the Averados were a family that we helped get married this week! David and Griselda have 5 kids and 3 of them were baptised on sunday!( one is 19 and doesn't want anything to do with us and the other is 7) I got to baptize Elioni!!! It was so awesome!!!! He is 11 years old and and is way funny. It was so cool to see there whole family get baptized!!! the spirit was so strong!!!! but before they could get baptized David and Griselda had to get married so we got to help plan and set up the wedding! We made the cake and everything!!! The wedding was nuts!!!! It was my first wedding I have ever been to so the only things I have to compare it to is the princess bride. (and it was not anything like the princess bride)! Mexican weddings are crazy!!! We got a mariachi band to come play and there was singing and dancing and everyone knew all the Spanish songs but me but I caught on. I am glad that i wasn't allowed to dance because I would have looked like the biggest gringo in the world! Everyone danced! Even the 90 year old grandmas were going crazy! The food there was fantastic and they had a few kegs of Horchata! There was alot of little kids there which was perfect for me because I practiced my Spanish with them alot. Its alot easier to talk with kids in spansih because they don't make fun of you as much as older mexicans when you try to talk to them. It was an awesome experience. I was so glad I got to help out! My ward mission leader has a ponytail that goes down to his behind. and a mustache. I had quite the adventures this week! I love teaching the gospel!!! Even though I can't do it very well in Spanish yet, I know that the Lord will and has helped me out more than ever! I have already learned so much!! I love this Gospel! I Love this town! I love the people here! and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!! I dont know how much longer God wants me here but I will go where he wants me to go! I miss you all! Love ya!!!!!
Love Elder Roberts