General Conference in Mexico!

Monday, April 4, 2011

That is a messy apartment!
Well another great week in sunny mexico! I have the greatest missionary tan-line ever! It's starting to get hot down here and I am starting to get used to sweating a lot! Conference was INCREDIBLE!!!!  There are a lot of college students down here that speak English, so they had a room with conference in English. It was full of all the English speaking missionaries.  I really did love conference soooo much!  Henry B. Eyring did great with every talk and  Uchtdorf(i know its spelled wrong) blew me away as always!  And of course the Prophet was amazing! I got to be at every single session including the Priesthood session. We even had some investigators come to conference, which was cool. Conference was broadcast at the stake center so everyone in the stake went to all the sessions and it was absolutely packed! Since some people walked a couple miles to watch conference, most people brought food to eat in between sessions. It was the greatest feast!  Any kind of mexican food you wanted and it was there! And of course the loving people- the mexicans-  they are always sharing and making the missionaries eat with them. I had way too much food!  That is just how mexicans are! They are awesome!  For instance, I met this lady at the laundromat and she just shared here tuna on crackers with me.  I don't know her but she gave my companion and I a couple of crackers with tuna. She wasn't even a member. She was just an awesome Mexican lady!  By the way, a guy tried to mug me last week and I was getting ready to go nacho libre on him but then some awesome mexican gangster with a huge Jesus tatoo on his shoulder pushed him away and yelled at him. Then he shook our hands and we left unharmed.  It was prety awesome.  oh ya with the whole earthquake in Japan is very sad. I remembered in the mtc like 2 weeks before I left the mtc, they got 70 new missionaries going to Japan. Kind of odd, right? If you missed conference watch them on the internet or something because every single talk was incredible!  Jeffrey R. Holland is the man!  I love you all and miss you a ton! tell my friends to email me but I will have to write them back. I will take more pictures next week! Love you and we have a baptism this week!