In the City!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thats right, I had to leave my little town of Xalisco. It was a sad day! Elder Esquivel and I had some great times, (mos defs one of my favorite comps). But I had to leave my lamanite brother. I know that he will do work in Xalisco with his new kid. I said my goodbyes to the members, one of them Hermana Ponce, who is like 80 years old and she is like a Mexican Zona!!!! She was great and always spoke her mind about people and it didn't matter how brutal it was. But she started to cry when I left - it was some rough stuff. Well I got my changes and I was a little surprised. I got called to be one of the President's secretaries. This means I work the mornings in the offices, doing stuff for the President and then after comida I go to my area. It is a ton of work, and I dont have time to do anything for myself anymore haha. I actually haven't eaten a real dinner this week - or breakfast! We just barely had time to go to the store to buy our food. Oh yeah- we don't have p-days. But we have a guayaba tree out front so I just ate those all week and it worked out great. Ok it sounds a little rough but we have some upsides to being here. I get to drive!!!! It's dead center in downtown Guadalajara so it is awesome!!! I have a nice house and the offices have a full kitchen!!! I'm happy. My companion is pretty cool. He is from Monterey and I am his 2nd companion in the field. He doesn't have a lot of experience and he is kind of shy, but he has a strong testimony and he is ready to learn!!! Our area has been a little neglected for  a while. I arrived and we had 2 investigators. We have a ton of finding to do! I have heard a lot of bad things about this area but I don't believe this area could be dead - it's the city!!!! There are millions of people here! For sure there is escogidos here!!!! We have 3 hours less than everyone else but I know that if I work my hardest the Lord will make up for the rest. I'm in the offices so I got my packages from the post office myself! And by the way, thank you very much!!!! These shoes are awesome! The candy is great too! I was extremely happy!  I am back in Guadalajara and I am back to having to turn down the ¨Kiss Hellos¨.