Christmas in Mexico

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey everybody! It's late and I am tired but I will do my best. Well Union is going great! 23 people went to church this Sunday! That was incredible! Everyone was so happy! Everyone is getting so excited! Hermana Bety got sick so she couldn't go to church, but she still wants to get baptized so bad! It was a holiday here named the day of the kings. It is like a second Christmas! But it is when you get more presents and you have this traditional bread and inside the bread there are 3 or 4 little idols of baby Jesus. I got one in my bread and I started screaming "I won, I won"! But it turns out that you don't win. All the people that get them have to cook tamales for everyone else on  the 2nd of February. I don't know how to cook tamales. We are finding escogidos every day here. The only problem we have is its like 45 minutes to an hour to travel from the offices to there. We don't have that much time to work or to put appointments but we have 3 people that have accepted baptism. Hermana Bety, she is the best! I love her so much, but she is way hard to find. We can only teach her at night because  she works so much and she lives in the land of Narcos, so its way sketchy walking home. Hermana Abby- she is so great! The gospel is changing her life a ton! She loves prayer and she can't stop bearing her testimony to us and to her family of prayer. She wants to get baptized but we have to pray a lot that her dad will let her. He is not a big fan of the church at all. Hermano Jose Jesus is a new investigator very similar to Abby. He is 15 years old and is super prepared for baptism but his mom is super anti- baptism. But I know that God wants him to be baptized and he needs to be baptized and we need to have our test of faith. But I know he will be baptized! I love being a missionary. I have a ton of work next week. We've got cambios. I don't think I'm leaving the offices. I WANT A FULL DAY IN THE FIELD!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am here to do what The Lord wants me to do. I know the Church is true. I know that everything done in the church is a revelation from God. To see President make changes is a incredible process. I don't know if you remember that conference talk about missionary callings and the revelation in that, but it is the same. I love to see the church grow and I know that The gospel of Jesus Christ changes their lives.
 The fake snow Mom sent was a hit!
 Tyler making a snow angel!

Missing Utah and maybe a little skiing!