Stuffed Otter!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hola! Well I am still loving it here in Tepic! I am still getting use to washing my clothes by hand again and the hot sun, but it is awesome. The shower we have here is an electric heated shower and it shocks me every morning. I hate it. I got to return to Xalisco to do some divisions and I loved to see the members there. They are real great. We just received a new gringo in the zone and guess where he came from? Everett Washington!!!! He said Kory was his zone leader in Washington!!!! While he was there, he broke some pizza eating record. I was happy to hear that. Well we baptised this week. His name is Jair and he is awesome. He is 11 years old and his mom is less active and his dad isn't a member. His grandpa got to baptise and confirm him. It was a nice experience. Sam and parker's prom pictures look awesome! They look like MEN! Sorry about the cat. The picture attached is a stuffed otter I found in a house. I've started up the New Testament again and I am really enjoying it. Well I love you all.