My District!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nights in Mexico are always fun!   50% of the people you see are totally plastered about this time. The funny thing is most of the drunk people I talk to know pretty good english. Of course its a lot of slang and swears,  but its english- kind of.  This week was pretty rough finding new investigators,  but we worked hard and I know the lord will bless us. I am starting to understand so much more!  The nights are a little scary but we are usually in before 9:30.  It's kind of weird because it is already at the end of my first change in Mexico(transfer).  I am pretty sure I will be with my comp for the next change and I am 100% fine with that because he is awesome!  He is a freakin genius!  He knows english, french, and spanish. He is fun to talk to about deep doctirine and the history channel and stuff.  I am loving this place and the food is alll soooooo goooood!  I had tacos de tripa for the first time last week and they were great (oh ya that is cow intestines fried) and it is on the list of my favorite food here.