Basketball Again!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Well this week was alright -nothing too exciting happened. We have alot of work to do in the offices and in the field. I finally played basketball again for the first time since my first area. It felt great!  I am still doing work down low. They call me the mexican Dwight Howard. When I entered the offices, we were in the middle of a huge visa mess! Elder Gonzalez and I fixed a lot but right now we are finially getting out of the woods. This means I get to sleep a little more and also I HAVE MORE TIME FOR THE FIELD!!!!! We are really grateful that it is almost cleaned up. A lot of miracles happened. This week was alright. Hermano Manuel was sick so he couldn't go to church, but after sacrament meeting Elder Moguel and I visited him, His mom is way Catholic but way nice. She has watched him go through all of his problems and now she is definitely noticing that he hasn't been drunk for over a month and asked him if we could do anything for his flu. We explained to him about blessings and  then we gave him one.. We all felt the spirit really strong, I loved it. He is an awesome guy and we are pretty tight. He was a big tennis player back in the day. We are hoping he will be baptized next week. He has to wait a little longer because of his addiction and he wants to be sure that this is the true church. But I know he can be baptized the next week. We have alot of work to do. A lot of finding. Well I am tired and I am going to the temple tomorrow!!!! Super excited! love you all!!!!!