Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone is willing to share half their stash ofcandy with me! Well we had some transfers in the offices, Elder Gonzalez left and Elder Moguel came back. I don't know if you guys remember, but he was in a trio with us for a couple of days - he is a pretty cool guy  from the Yucatan. Transfers as a secretary of the mission are pretty rough! We didn't sleep, we didn't eat. I drove EVERYWHERE!!! But it was awesome!!! I got to see a ton of my old buddies like Elder Esquivel! And I also got to see a ton of Guadalajara that I haven't seen before, like a ton of crazy art buildings and bridges. It was a good experience. 4 new Americans arrived this weekend. Its crazy to think I was in their situation not too long ago. None of them speak spanish and we had to train them in all spanish. I remember giving that wide-eyed gaze and nodding my head like I understood, far to well! It felt so good to get out in the field and work again this week. I was craving it. We found a couple of new people that look like they have potential to be escogidos. Yesterday was a great day.We got to church and the Bishop told us that we were giving the talks! I wrote a few things that I wanted to talk about, said alot of prayers and it turned out great! I felt the spirit and half way through I had the strongest impression to say I promise all of you that you all have a friend or family member that can be baptized. I then stood there, gave it a nice pause, and I think it really sunk in. I didn't know why I needed to say that really until after church a girl came to me and gave us a reference that she had a lot of faith in. The time I have been in this ward we have received only one reference so they are a huge deal!!! I was very happy and very gratefull! Hermano Octavio got the Priesthood yesterday! I was very happy about that. This ward is in desperate need of priesthood holders. We have a couple but the majority of them are over 70 years old. The closing ceremony of the Panamericanos was last night and we could see and hear the fireworks. It was pretty awesome. Well I am getting ready for the Christmas season and I would love some Christmas cds if you want to send them this way.