Surprise Baptism!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hola! Well this week was great! We have been visiting members a lot to find some references and we found out that one of the girls in the primary isn't baptized. Her name is Alondra. Her grandma is a temple worker and she goes to church with her. Her mom is a little less active and her dad lives in a different city and is inactive. She just barely turned nine and her grandma asked if we could baptize her. It was a special experience getting to teach a little kid. Of course we just had to teach the basics but she still had an interview and everything. She was pretty excited about it up until she poked a toe in the freezing water. The boiler didn't work so the water was ice cold. She started to cry and her dad came to the rescue, with jeans on and everything. He jumped in the water and helped ease her into the ice cold water. Elder Moguel baptized her and right after, she gave her dad a huge hug and there were a lot of tears. It was a cool experience. We have been working pretty hard lately, but we are still having problems finding new people. I swear 99 percent of the people that live here are over the age of 70! But I will not lose my faith!!! THERE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD THAT ARE READY TO BE BAPTIZED HERE!!!!!!!!!  We just gotta find em. We had divisions one day this week and I went with Elder Escamilla and we found this guy that looked like Phil Collins only with a bigger beard. After I presented myself and shared my testimony he started talking to me in another language. I told him I didn't understand, then he told me he was from something called Opis diem. I didn't really understand, but he got really upset and yelled at me a lot. Well it turns out Elder Escamilla, before he was baptized, was studying to be a Catholic Father. He told me that he was speaking in latin, and Opis Diem were the assassins for the catholic church. It was weird but it was kinda cool too. Well I had a good week. I love the mission. I love the church. This week is going to be awesome! Elder Tenorio of the Seventy is coming, he actually will arrive tonight. I think I will get to spend a lot time with a General Authority this week!!!! I am pretty stoked about it.
 Elder Mogul
Yep! Thats right! I drove the President's car today and it was real great! I don't know that I have ever driven a new car before. Not the highlight of my week, but it is most defs going in the journal. This week was rough. We worked a lot with the President to get the mission in order and we have a lot of things that we need to change. Hermano Manuel fell into temptation for the first time in almost 5 weeks!!! We were devastated! I wanted to cry. But I know why he fell. He has been a little sick for two weeks, and he missed church two times in a row. He wasn't at full spiritual strength. I hope this strengthens his testimony of the power of attending church. It was a sad day! We were going to take him to a baptism service of our buddy's in a neighboring ward but he was in no condition to attend a Baptism service. So we decided to go contact instead. While walking to the colony we decided to contact my companion and I needed to use the restroom. There was a store that had bathrooms and the church, both about the same distance from where we were.We decided to choose the church (always decide to choose church!!!) While we were there a young man shows up on his motorcycle wondering about English classes (a few elders a few months back gave English classes here). Anyways a member told him about them and he showed up! Have I ever taught English before? Nope! But it will work out. I do speak English! We talked about English for like 2 seconds and the rest we talked about the plan of salvation. He was way interested and came to church yesterday! It was real great. Hermano Daniel is a great guy. I know that wasn't a just a coincidence(help me with that one mom, I know you probably spell check me and take out words you don't like, like poopy or sucky and stuff like that before you forward this stuff, haha) God is blessing us for our hard work. We found a Chilis in our area and maybe one of these days I will get an awesome blossom. I love you all! Read the Book of Mormon, I wish I had more time to read it. Really you all have time to read it. I love it! thanks for all your support and prayers.