Happy Birthday Elder Roberts!

Monday, October 24, 2011

I had a great birthday week! Well it was a normal day of the mission and everything besides the fact that we ate at a greeeaaat restaraunt. We found a place called "sirloin" its like a chuckarama but more Texan. But to find a buffet in Mexico is pretty rare. It was fantastic! It had all of the American buffet food I love with a ton of the Mexican food I love. They had a quesadilla station and a ton of hot wings that were fantastic. My buddies here at the offices made me a cake it was good. We didn't have frosting so we used condensed milk and it turned out great. I'm glad I had an awesome birthday because the past couple nights I have not slept. We have changes today and that means A TON OF WORK!!!! I had to make presentations for the new elders and drive people different places. I had no idea that I would be pulling pretty much all nighters on the mission. If I sit down for more than 5 minutes, I fall asleep. Yesterday hermano Octavio received the Holy Ghost. It was great - super powerful! My companion and I were very very happy. Hermano Manuel is progressing very well! He hasn't fallen into his addiction since we have been talking to him, but it is not because of us. We shared with him one of my favorites- D&C 10:5 about prayer and overcoming satan, always a good one! We taught him the way to pray and told him every little thought that he has about drinking, PRAY!!!! The power of this awesome tool is incredible! He still has a long way to go but I know that God will help him every step along the way. He went to church and accepted to be baptised. We have to wait a little longer because of his addiction but I know he will overcome it with the help from our Heavenly Father. During a comida this week I thought of you Dad and how you would react in a sitution like I had. Alright so we were eating and then a mouse runs across the floor and the cat jumps on it and starts to eat it, right in front of us. It didn't bother me that much, except for the sounds the mouse was making and the fact it didn't die for lilke 10 minutes. It was pretty good food though, so it was alright. Well thanks for all my birthday wishes. I love you all!


Dan Clark said...

Loving the tie...is that camo???