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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hermano Octavio's Baptism
Well I had a great week this week. I want to start off by thanking you guys for the wonderfull package!! The hoodie fits great and I love it. The candy is spectacular and I am enjoying it everyday! And the's beautiful. I absolutely love it! It matches my STARWARS pillow cases perfectly!!!! I am a happy man! Its good timing too because its starting to get real cold in the mornings and my sheet isnt really doing the job. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Clark and Grandma Bliss!The pictures were great, looks like everyone is growing their hair out besides Dad! I'm sorry but your forehead has grown like 6 inches since I have been gone! I hope you are not bald when I get back! But really thanks a ton for that package- it was perfect!!! This week I got attacked by a drunk guy, we were talking to a lady at her door step and all of the sudden a stick with a metal thing at the end flies right next to my head. I turn around and it's a drunk guy holding this weapon he created. Then he began to twirl it and start to do ninja tricks, it was actually impressive because of how drunk he was. He was swearing at us and threatening us and then he hit me with the stick! He ripped my poncho! The lady shut the door and I got a little upset but we just walked away from him. We found a new investigator, well he actually found us. We were walking to find a house and he called us over to his yard. He has been addicted to alcohol since the 5th grade and wants to change. He is a lawyer and very intelligent but he has lost a lot in life due to this addiction. He poured his beer out the first lesson and came to church. I have alot of faith that he will be baptized. This area is turning around quite a bit. We had a baptism yesterday! Elder Gonzalez's first in his mission!!! It was awesome! This ward hasn't baptised in months and I think this has really excited them to help us out. Hermano Octavio was baptized, super escogido! i talked a little about him last week how he rejected the missionaries in the past but had some dreams and it changed everything. His dreams are incredible, they blew my mind, he told us he dreamed that mormons came to america before colombus. His parents are from an indian tribe so he is as lamanite as it gets and it looks like he is inheriting some gifts from his great great great great grandpa Lehi. It was an awesome experience, Elder Gonzalez was soooo happy! I was glad to be there to watch it all happen. Well thanks for everything. I love you all! I know there are more escogidos here in this area. I know this church is true.


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