Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HOLA FAMILIA!!!! Well this week was great! I loved it! A trio is a lot different in the mission. It was fun though. Elder Moguel is now in another area, he was a nice guy. So it is now back to me and Elder Gonzalez. We had a great meal this week - it tasted exactly like a cafe rio chicken salad but it had a extra ingredient that made all the difference - a TON of avacado! I was in heaven. Since we don't have the full amount of time in the day, we have been putting appointments a little to close together in the agenda, which sometimes means we have to walk really fast to make it on time. My companion was having trouble keeping up and I was very curious what the problem was. The next morning I saw what he was eating for breakfast and that explained it: cookies out of a package with cajeta(it tastes exactly like carmel but it is derived from goats milk) poured on top of them. I then showed him how to make breakfast like a man. We made Chorizo, eggs, pancakes and all that great stuff. It is making a huge difference. Conference was absolutely fantastic! I loved every second of it! We had 3 investigators attend and whenever one of them attended, I watched the spanish session. I still loved it, but it just wasn't the same. I could understand everything perfectly but I love to hear the apostle's voices. Fun fact of the day: Do you know that Richard G. Scott records his talk in spanish, so I got to hear his voice in the spanish session. He did a great job.  I did watch the priesthood session in english and Elder Holland, ya he is a man. D. Todd Christoferson's talk was great, perfect for investigators and for the world. I took a lot of notes on everything. It was an awesome experience. Well I have a lot of work to do. love you all!!!
Elder Roberts

PS. ok well these are the last pictures that my camara took. I  didn't have a tripod so I made one and I was taking pictures of lightning with the function I discovered. Well I was on the roof and the tripod tipped and my camera took quite the fall. The last picture actuallly is of the fall. It was a sad day. I will try to buy one soon.  Thanks for everything. Sorry I stink at making tripods. love you all!!!