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Monday, April 2, 2012

I loved conference! It was great! We brought a ton of people! We had investigators in every session but one. We told them all to bring questions written down with the promise that they would be answered - and they all were! I love Holland's talk on envy. It seemed like a branch of the good old "pride talk" from our pal President Benson. We actually used that talk to teach a lesson Sunday. IT was an awesome weekend full of personal revelation. There is not a doubt in my mind that Thomas S. Monson is an inspired prophet of God. My testimony of that was strengthened more than ever.
   This week I ate ostrich. I hear it has less fat, but you eat more of it. It was actually a great burger, one of the best I have had. The ostrich egg tasted like a normal egg, it just was gigantic.
   We went and worked in a little town where we had to take a bus 45 minutes to arrive. Compostela!!!! We did some work up there helping out some missionaries that just opened the area. They have bike taxis up there, so we had to take one. It was cool.
   We are teaching a lot of new people. We found a family yesterday that is in real need of the gospel. Her husband was kidnapped and they never heard from him again. They are really struggling but I know the gospel will help them out. We are teaching a girl named Estivilis. She is a reference from a girl in our ward. She is pretty cool and went to every session of conference this weekend, but her family doesn't want her to be baptized. She is 20 years old so she can make her own decision, but her family is really pressuring her to not do it. We need some extra prayers headed her way por favor.