Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey family, This week Elder Tapia and I did everything we could to baptize. We searched and taught and prepared, but we didn't have the success we were hoping for. We were planning on at least 18 investigators in church this Sunday and we did divisiones to pass by for all of them. We had a car and a giant truck ready to fill for everyone, but no one could go. It was kinda sad but we didn't lose the faith. We worked so so hard Sunday. We knew our Heavenly Father was going to bless us. We left the sacrament meeting to go look for some more people to bring to church and came back empty handed. When we got out of the taxi we saw a girl entering the church. I said hi to her and asked her if she was from the other ward. It turns out that she isn't a member! She has been to church a ton and even went to EFY but has never been baptized! We asked where she lived and it turns out she lives in our area! She accepted the invitation to be baptised this Saturday!!!!! Only through the grace of God we can baptize, after we have done all that we could do. I love this church. I know it is so true!!!!!! I love you all