Monday, August 27, 2012

Hola! Well this week was great. We worked hard and we received blessings. We are preparing 4 people to get baptized next week! Thanks for your prayers for Hma Sagrario and Arturo. They went to church again yesterday and loved it. They are both set on getting baptized this week. We will be praying alot that there isn't any problems with them getting married. Hermana Sagrario told us that she always told herself that she would never get married but when she learned about all the blessings of the Law of Chastity, she and Arturo gladly accepted to get married this week! I am very gratefull for the opportunity to teach them. Also 2 kids of a less active hermana who is reactivating in the church, Jorge and Perla, want to get baptized! They are almost ready and they love the church alot! Arturo, the husband of Paula didn't make it to church Sunday and we were really sad. He was going to get baptized this week, but we will have to give him another week more to prepare himself. 
Well we went to the film site of PREDATOR!!! It was kinda cool - walking the ground that was walked on by Arnold like 20 years ago, and the lamanites like 2000 years ago. The place is called Eden and it is almost exactly how I imagine the Garden of Eden. I feel bad because the pictures don't show justice of how beautiful it was. Well I love you all! Thanks for all your prayers!!!!!