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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sep. 3
Well I am in Guadalajara tonight and tomorrow and I love the weather!!!! The heat in Vallarta has gotten reeeeaaaally strong. This week had its ups and downs, Hno Arturo and Saggy couldn't get married. They are having problems with their birth certificates, but they still love the church and their testimonies are growing. We baptized 2 girls that were going to get baptized in another ward but they moved to our area this week. They are way cool and have very strong testimonies - hermana angy and hermana ana- they both want to serve missions! Well i love you all!

Sep. 10
Well Guadalajara was cool. Guadalajara was fantastic! Every month the zone leaders of the mission have a reunion with the president. I am still the zone leader and so I have been going every month. Esquviel and I learned a lot and we have a ton of great ideas help out the zone. This week we also had a zone conference which was one of the best I have had in all of my mission, My love for the scriptures grew a ton! The presidente gave us all an hour for questions about doctrine. My companion and I asked him like a million questions about the plan of salvation. It was an awesome experience. We also had a stake conference that was also great.
Arturo and Sagrario still aren't married.... they are still battling to get a paper for their daughter. That is all that they are missing to get married! They had a cool experience trying to get the paper. They were talking to the secretary in the social security building and I guess the secretary was being a little unhelpfully snobbish and Sagrario was almost in tears. Arturo, who was trying to calm her down, went to buy her a soda. She told us that she said a prayer that someone would arrive to help her. When her husband returned, he was with the mom of Sagrario! She went there for a different reason and had no idea that her daughter was there but God answers prayers!!! Her mom let that secretary have it and now they should get their paper within a month. We are praying that it gets here sooner. Well I love you all!


Dan Clark said...

Is that their pet spider?