Monday, May 23, 2011

The Baptism of Hermana Nancy
 What a great week to be a missionary!!! The baptism of Hermana Nancy went fantastic! Teaching her has been awesome! We contacted her sister who was a menos activo. She was visiting her mom like a month and a half ago and their whole family was inactive. We started talking with them and having family home evenings and then we started teaching one of her daughters( hermana nancy) who is like 30 years old and is awesome. At first she was firm on her catholic beliefs and didn’t really want to hear anything. But the spirit works miracles and after a few lessons we set a date for her baptism. But then her boyfriend told her if she got baptized, he would never marry her. It was rough and she bailed out of the date we set for her. Then Elder Pucheta and I went to see her and we told her to pray and ask God if she needed to be baptized. The next lesson we had with her, she had the biggest, brightest smile on her face and said she wanted to be baptized and that she knew that she needed to be baptized. It was soooooooooooo great! At church yesterday, it was one of the best sacrament meetings in my life! It was way powerful!  We had 3 investigators come and I know that they all felt the spirit because it was sooo strong! Hermana Nancy wanted me to confirm her and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. So of course I had to do it. I was very nervous but it went really good! We went to Mcdonalds this morning – the first time in 5 months having a Mcdonalds breakfast and I loved it so very much. Oh ya, and this week I made peach cobbler in a frying pan and it was sabrosisimo!!!  I had a greeaat week! Spanish is still hard but every day I get better. We ordered pizza Saturday night. It wasn’t that great but we poured hunts 3 cheese sauce on it and it made it better. If any of you have any awesome recipes for cooking in a frying pan, send em my way por favor! Well my testimony of this wonderful Gospel grew so much this week! It really does change lives! There is no place I would rather be or no other thing I would rather be doing right now! I love teaching and I love learning about our savior so much!


Tracy said...

We are so happy for Tyler. What a wonderful missionary he is being. Thanks for keeping us all updated on his wonderful progress!!!!