Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saying goodbye to Elder Rosas!
Mexico is reeeaaal great! My old comp, Elder Rosas, is playing on the beach right now in Mansanio, which is like 4 hours away. And my new companion is Elder Pucheta! Mexicano chaparito! He is awesome! He doesn't speak any English so I am learning Spanish like crazy speaking it all day. The Lord really has blessed me lately because I can understand pretty much everything he says to me and if I can't understand a word, he is able to explain it to me in Spanish. So it is awesome! This week was waaaaaay hard but great. Now that Elder Rosas is gone, I am in charge of this area so I have to set up all the appointments and plan for the whole day to make sure we don't waste a second of time. It was a little stressful but we were blessed. We have a servicio bautismo tonight which I cannot wait for! I love baptisms! I love being a missionary! This week at the walmart we found probably one of the greatest discoveries of mankind! They had CAP'N CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We of course bought 7 boxes, and of course they were expensive, but worth every peso! Oh how I missed that taste! But any avid cap'n cruch consumer knows what happens when you eat too much of that wonderful product.  My mouth still hurts a little bit, but I am almost better. While getting ready the other day our neighbors blasted a CCR album.  That was a nice tender mercy! We taught a lesson in a house with a dog head mounted on the wall. That was different! Oh ya, I  literally grabbed a tiger by the tail! There was a truck and the tiger's tail was sticking through the bars and I grabbed it! It was a good moment in my life. We did a lot of tracting this week and we have a lot more to do this week but I have faith that we will find new investigators that will want to change their lives. We rescued a kitten last night! It was stuck in a deep hole and Elder Brown saved it! it is literally like 2 days old. It is so small! We didn't know what to do with it last night, so we obviously had to let it spend the night with us and fed it spaghetti sauce and milk. It is awesome but we are trying to find someone who will take it. We found a new investigator who is 20 years old and is learning english and is way interested in the gospel! We are going to try to help him set a baptism date next week. Well I love this work and I love the gospel! I know that the Book of Mormon is true. Whenever I testify of it, I feel the spirit so strong! I love you all!
My new Companion, Elder Pucheta
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