Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This week was great, but pretty rough too! We worked hard this week and didn't have as much success as we would have liked. But I know that we will see success in the near future. We have one investigator that backed out of a baptism date set for last week, but we should be able to get it re-set for this week. I have faith! He is awesome Hermano Raymundo. I can see him serving a mission in a year. I made crepes and  thanks for the recipè pops! They turned out absolutely great. I am starting to eat 2 eggs a day mixed with milk, a banana, and ice - the best breakfast shake ever. My spanish is improving a lot! I am even starting to dream in Spanish  more often. This week we tracked down like a billion menos activos and recent converts trying to keep them active and ask for referencias but had little success. This next week we are going to work very hard and get a ton of new investigators. We have this one investigator that has come to church a few times but never has time to have lessons but loves church. We need to find a way to teach her! It is so hot here. Standing in the sun for longer than a minute drains you completely. I would literally pay $10 a minute for a siesta! There is one store with a/c in this town. I think we are going to stop by after emailing and soak in the beauty of that which you all take for granted!!! I really do love being a missionary here!!!! Its real great! I am so so so lucky to have this opportunity to serve the lord in this amazing work!
Elder Pucheta at the Internet Cafe!