La Cucaracha and a big rat!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mexico is great as always; a little scary at times but I know that I am safe. The food this week was really good. During one meal, my companion kept kicking my foot and looking over at the stove and I didn't know what he was doing. After dinner he told me that there was a giant rat inside the oven that kept looking out the window. I am glad I didn't see it because I really enjoyed that meal. While contacting this week, a person's door that we knocked on said that I looked like the brother of Karen Carpenter. Then he went inside and grabbed an album with his face on it. I didn't really agree that much, but I will take the compliment??? During a comida appointment with a Hermana, her kids started fighting over a toy. She looked at me and said ´´Elder hand me your belt¨! I didn't know what to do! I didn't want to be a part of a punishment! But lucky for me my companion took off his belt. And even luckier for them she gave them one more chance. I played the piano in sacrament meeting this Sunday. Yes, you heard it right! Ever since Elder Rosas left, we have had to chant hymns with out music which sounds terrible. And the organ they have here has all the hymns downloaded on the organ so I  just need to tap the keys, any keys and the song plays. But don't think its that easy because I had to still keep up with the people singing which was sooooo hard! But I looked like a man. We have the greatest Elders quorum president here. He is a young successfull lawyer man and all his lessons are incredible. At the end of all the lessons he always challenges our investigators to get baptized. We have a baptism this week with Hermano Raymundo. He is 20 years old and it has been awesome teaching him. Oh ya, this saturday we helped people move. It took under two hours and we didn't have a car or anything! I would like to see that in United States!  Well I love the opportunity I have to be a missionary! Really, everyday is an adventure and my love for the scriptures grows by the second. I can't get enough of them! I love this Gospel and I have seen it change lives!
Just had to show my little brother Dillon all of the Cars toys here. He would go crazy!

The Baptism of Hermano Raymundo

June 13, 2011
I LOVE BAPTISMS!!!!! Hermano Raymundo was baptized last Saturday and it went great!  Before the baptism he called us and asked if he could invite his girlfriend because she is interested in learning more about the church. OF COURSE!!!! So we will see where that goes. Really though, the baptism was awesome! The spirit was strong. He is starting to make friends in the church so everything is going awesome. I had a great week this week. We had zone conference and our President gave us a new goal for contacts that seems almost impossible, but I know that we can do it! So last week we were almost running everywhere, not sparing a second of time to breath, finding people and we almost reached it. This week I have faith that we will make it. In our zone conference we watched a talk by Elder Holland and before he put it on he told us it was the best talk that he has heard from him. About 12 seconds into it I knew I had heard it before! It was a recording of the talk he gave in the MTC! I was there for it! It was awesome to get to hear it again and take a new set of notes to compare to my old page of notes. He is such a powerful man! If you remember Hermano Santos, (Elder Rosas and I baptized him a month or two ago who is the manager of a fancy restaurant -like way way nice), and he invited us to eat dinner last week at his restaurant. Little did we know that we had the whole restaurant of hostesses and waiters serving us with everything you could imagine! Did I mention it was candle lit (haha)?  It was awesome! He served different types of fishes and specialty drinks. Oh ya and 4 different types of brick oven fancy pizzas. I can't even imagine what that would cost! He is such a nice guy! But even more awesome, he is a active preisthood holder! But he is way nervous about blessing the sacrament, but next week he will do it. We have a lot of work to do this week to find more investigators. I love missionary work! Please don't feel worried about me here. I know if I stay obedient and work as hard as I can, I will be safe and it has worked great so far.