Transfer to Colima! I mean Nayarit!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alrighty! Do I have a story for you! I don't have a lot of time, but I will try to fit everything in. Alright, so 11 o clock at night last Monday and I get a call from the assistant who tells me that I am going to COLIMA!!!!! Colima is a little itty bitty state below Jalisco. I was stoked-the beach and volcanoes with snow! So I said my good-byes to Elder Pucheta and I was off. For a little over 3 hours, I was on a bus to Colima. The scenery was absolutely amazing! There were green jungles everywhere and I sat next to a guy who spoke English better than Spanish and also Chinese. He was a man and we talked for almost the entire bus ride about the church and his life. It was weird giving a lession in English. I forgot a lot of words in English, but it was cool. So I get to Colima and I see the other Elder Roberts. Yup! Another mix up! We both got sent to the same place, same companion, same everything. So a few calls later, it turns out that I am going to NAYARIT!!! Now if you look at a map, you will see that Colima is below Jalisco and Nayarit is above. So back in the bus I went - 3 hours to Guadalajara. I talked to a girl from London which was cool. She was nice. Then in Guadalajara, I go to buy my ticket for Tepic, Nayarit and my card doesnt work! But its ok because I have the back up emergency and it didn't work either??? We tried a million times but nothing. So I said a prayer and pulled apart all my luggage looking for loose pesos. I found 196 pesos and the ticket was 205. The man looked like Edward from Twilight and he let me by 9 pesos short. My prayer was answered!  oh haha- and guess what movie they played on the bus? Twilight! haha! It was the worst! I tried to concentrate on reading the Book of Mormon and Jesus the Christ, but it was so annoying having mexican vanpires screaming in my ears! But finally I arrived in Nayarit at about 8 o'clock at night. That was over 10 hours in busses. My new comp is pretty cool! His name is Elder Heath and he has been out 6 weeks more than me and he is American. We speak the same amount of Spanish and we are both white. He kinda looks like Neil and he is from Kaysville. Really though, this area is incredible! I am in a little pueblo in the mountains surrounded by jungled mountains of green! This area is very poor here so I don't have the luxury of a lavandaria and so we have to wash our clothes by hand. This place is amazing! There are bannana trees everywhere and its sooooo green. I am trying to convince my comp to wake up at 4 with me and go hike one of these mountains. He doesn't seem too excited about it. The best thing about this place is mos defs the FIREFLIES!!!!!!!!!! When I first saw them, I freaked out! My companion's mind was blown on how excited I was. They are the coolest things ever! I had a plastic bag and we caught like 8 of them and before bed I let them loose in my room. It was a great time falling asleep with 8 little night lights going on and off. This place is a totally different culture! -different words, different hand shakes and everything. We have a lot of work to do in this area but I know we can have success if we work hard! We are both greenies so we are both learning everyday. The president told us it is a sin for us to speak to each other in English, so we just speak Spanish to each other. It's a lot harder when I know he speaks English, but we need to learn. I love this place!!!!!!! We have a small ward, but they are all way nice. This area is more dangerous so President tells us we have to be home by 8 instead of 930 so I have a lot more study time which is nice. I love the missionary work!