Monday, July 11, 2011

 This picture and message were sent to Sam and Parker's email with strict instructions to not share with Mom. (I know their password!) "this place is sooooo cool - way dangerous though and people die almost every day here. We walked by this house that got shot up 2 days earlier by the mafia down here and 2 people died. It was sooo scary! DON'T SHOW OR TELL MOM!!!! I don't want her worrying about me"!!!!!!!!
     Well we had goood things and bad things happen this week. Our baptisms kind of fell through, but not to worry they are being baptised tomorrow. We had to battle with satan and destroy him first. I am way excited for tommorrow and I have faith that nothing will impede their baptism tommorrow. We are working really hard with one of our investigators that has a lot of addictions, but really she has the desire to change and overcome all of them. It is so awesome to see people change their lives like that. I am the best lizard catcher in Nayarit. The Mexicans were all amazed how good my lizard cathing abilites were. I am loving the food here! This town is famous for its shrimp! There is the comida called ceviche that is one of my favorites from Guadalajara - it is raw fish on a tostada with a bunch of other stuff, but they have it with raw shrimp here and its even better!!! I highly reccomend it. We had a huuuuuge storm the other day! All of the roads were rivers - like dangerous fast rivers and lightning was EVERYWHERE! AND SOOOOO CLOSE!!!!! There was almost no space between seeing the entire neighborhood light up and the loudest thunder I have every heard. It literally hurt my ears! I really do believe that was the loudest sound I have ever heard in my life! It was scary, but it was sooo awesome! It has rained every evening for the past 2 weeeks and I hear it is  like this until October, but I am fine with it. A huge tree was blown down and is in the middle of the street I  imagine it will be there for 4 months before it is moved. haha! I found a Bulgarian pizza restaurant here!!!! It has Bulgarian letters and everything! Don't worry Neil- I will take a picture of it for you. Saturday we got on a bus and the bus driver gave me my money back and told us that he doesn't charge missionaries. He was speaking in perfect english and he was awesome! He was born and raised in Compton, California (ya the dangerous place). But he has been living with his dad in Mexico for a couple years. But he told us a story about how he was driving his bus and in the middle of the road was a gang fight with grenades and he almost died! He had to drive the bus backwards, flooring it for a couple blocks. I told him he was batman and he laughed. Well I really do feel 100 percent safe here! I love all of the people here! I really do love every second of my mission!
No, this is not the missionaries apartment. (notice the hundreds of bullet holes all over)


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