Monday, July 25, 2011

Well this week was pretty good. Presidente has a new rule for us to see 300 contacts a week. It is going to be reeeeeaaaal hard to do, but it is possible! I absolutely love the weather here! I am pretty used to the heat and every night we have a sky fulll of lightning! It is sooo beautiful! Really I think it is better than fireworks! Some nights there are a good 30 to 40 lighting bolts a minute! It is crazy! One day my companion Elder Heath and I were walking and it started to rain. So we took shelter to  put our books in grocery bags so they didn't get wet. Directly across the street a house had a antenna and it got struck by lightning! IT was soooo bright!!!! And it sounded like a transformer! I have never seen anything like that! It was pretty scary, but way awesome! I am almost done with the book, Jesus the Christ. I can't put it down. It really is the greatest book I have read. This week we had a family home evening with a menos activo. He was a strong member at one point but now is completely inactive. He is way cool and we watched the Joseph Smith movie. After he started asking us some weird questions about the Book of Mormon. He was mos defs reading a lot of anti mormon stuff. I hated it! But I stopped him and bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I told him it didn't matter what anyone says to me about the Book of Mormon because I have asked God and he showed me the truth of this book. He didn't have anything else to say. Really, I know that the Book of Mormon is true. 100 percent sin dudas!!!! I really think we had a effective lesson with him and he is going to reactivate! There is a indian tribe here called Huicholes. They wear very colorful clothes and are as lamanite as it gets, and they speak an awesome language! I only know the extreme basics right now like hello, goodbye, and how are you, but soon I will be a white Indian boy.
My pet cockroach!

The Baptism of the Cuellar Family