Sunday, July 24, 2011

Well we won the battle with satan and the Cuellar family was Baptized!!!! It was a B E A utiful experience! Only one thing went wrong, the drain broke so when it came time to baptize, it was like barely above my knees. I got to baptize the Mom who, well is a little on the heavy side. She is soooo awesome, but it was a struggle! But no worries, everything worked out perfect!The spirit was way strong! Gissell is the oldest daughter and is 16 and she is going to efy next week! It's free down here so it is such and awesome missionary tool. YA- its the same everything too! All free! They all received the Holy Ghost yesterday in sacrament meeting and the Bishop asked my companion and I to confirm them. I was kind of nervous, but it went great! They all told us that they felt the spirit way strong! We had quite the adventure this week, We had Comida with a Hermana from the ward, Hermana Consuelo. She is 82 years old and lives alone and is blind. I dont know how she does it??? It was raining super hard on the walk to her house and the winds destroyed our umbrellas and we were completely soaked when we showed up and she told us to take of our shirts to hang them up to dry. Of course we told her we could not but she told us "I dont have eyes so it doesn't matter if you have shirts on or not!" Still I felt way weird so we stayed clothed. When she told us she didn't have eyes I thought that was just another way of saying blind in spanish??? But nope she took one her eyes out and showed us that it wasnt real. She was awesome!!!!! I dont know how she did it but she made us a nice pot of beans. It actually was way good! Our bishop here is one of the coolest guys I have met in my life! He is a way humble farmer of sugar cane and is always laughing! We went to his house for a Comida and of all temptations in my life - he was watching ROCKY I!!!!! And if it makes things worse it was in English with spanish subtitles!! Turns out he is a big rocky fan and as you all know, so am I! We walked in at the part where Apollo was coming in dressed like George Washington so I knew the final fight was soon! Oh the temptation! But I stayed strong and studied my vocab instead of watching. I asked the Bishop which rocky movie was his favorite and it turns out we both love number 4 with IVAN DRAGO!!!!!!! It is a great movie but it can wait til after the mish. I was with some investigators and they gave me a bowl of something called cococi. I thought it was something derrived of a cocunut but nope, it was actually a type of rotted milk that is frozen. It was terrible! Well we have a few investigators that are close to baptism, we are hoping for two more this week. The language is good, the food is good( besides cococi)! I love this town, and I love being a missionary! 
The Coolest Bishop and Rocky Fan!