Monday, August 15, 2011

HOLAAAA!!!!!! Well our baptism had some problems this week, but no worries we will defeat satan once and for all! Hermana Mercedes will be baptized this week! Elder Esquivel and I get along great! This kid makes me laugh so much! And also we teach way good together. We were walking down the street the other day and I see in the distance a guy with a hat very familiar- a white BYU hat!!!!!! We get a little closer and this guy is white too, so I thought for sure it was a tourist from Utah! I, of course, ran to contact him but it turns out he has no idea what BYU even is. Oh ya, and he is gay. It was a pretty big let down! In church yesterday the meeting started and we had planned on having 16 investigators in the capilla and no one was there! Usually we pick our investigators up, with help from a member, but everyone insisted on coming on there own. But right before the sacrament, 2 familias that we invited showed up! I was soooo happy! They have a tooooon of problems but the only true Church will help them out. I had some armadillo tacos this week. They were real great! It's like pork but it's also like chicken??? We did a lot of finding this week and we have a ton of contacts. I have less than 50 pages left in Jesus the Christ and my mind is still blown away every time I open up that book. I officially am from Nayarit now! Everyone here has these bags from either the Cora or the Huichole Indian tribes and I got myself a sweet cora bag just the right size for my scriputres and everything. It's manly, not a purse! I will have no one thinking that I wear a purse. I love this place! I am way happy that Elder Brown visited! He is a man. 
It looks like a purse to me!
Elder Esquivel