New Cambios!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Well we got our calls for cambios last Monday night telling us that I am staying here and Elder Heath is going to Guadalajara. It was terrible for Elder Heath because when we returned to the house, we didn't have power so he had to pack in the dark. But I found birthday candles, so I guess he had a little light. So Tuesday morning Elder Heath left and then arrived Elder Esquivel! Mexicano!!! He is a man, and it was nice to have another Lamanite companion. The first lesson we had together was awesome and we instantly clicked. We teach great together. We still need to rely 100 percent on the spirit but it is nice to have unity in teaching. I know that we will see alot of milagros this cambio. This Saturday we have a baptism set for Hermana Merecedes. She is awesome and the spirit is always way strong in our lessons. We have a family that we are teaching that live high up in the mountains in a rancho. We set a date with a few of them and we are hoping that they are all going to be baptized!! There are like 7 people in that family!!! We were going to visit a member and we found her talking to her neighbor- a great opportunity for a investigator! We said hi and began to talk and then I don't know what my companion was thinking, but he asked if she was pregnant....she wasn't! He was soooo embarrassed and I couldn't get the stupid smile off my face, but it was too funny! The truth is, she really did look pregnant but I personally try to avoid situations like that! We got a reference from a hermana in the ward for one of her friends. She has a lot of problems with her husband and we came to have the gospel fix everything. Her husband has a huuuuuge zit like thing on his shoulder like bigger than a golf ball! Mom you would go crazy! I couldn't stop staring at it and wondering what it was. But we had a great lesson and she wants more that anything to have the gospel in her life. I am loving the mission. THis cambio is going to be awesome!