Carlos and Lola got married!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well we have good news and bad news about Carlos and Lola. The good news is Lola was baptised but Carlos had some problemitas. But don't worry, he is getting baptised this Saturday. They got married last Saturday! We went to the office place to plan it and everything, with all their papers, birth certificates and stuff, and everyone was giving us the worst looks ever. Half way through the process I realized that everyone there thought that Elder Lopez and I were getting married. I love my companion and everything but I don't think I was ready for that kind of commitment. But everything worked out in the end and Carlos and Lola were married. It was great. President made my changes this week. I was about to go to the only area in the mission that has SNOW!!!!!!! But it wasn't where I was suppose to go. But I still have a week left here in Primavera and I will work hard and focus on this week. 
The baptism of Lola!


Estrella said...

Certainly Elder Lopez and you are a great missionaries! It is wonderful to read about your fun adventures and accomplishments! Say Hello to Elder Lopez please! (:
Have a good week


Estrella said...
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