Friday, February 17, 2012

Well Carlos and Lola didn't get married so they couldn't get baptised. You have no idea how hard it is to marry a couple in Jalisco. Everyone tells us we should go to another state to marry them so we don't have to deal with the registro civil here. We were stuck in registro civil from 9am to almost 300pm. We battled and battled but they are getting married and getting baptised this week. They are awesome! I really do love them so much. They want to be baptised but they have their sights stuck on the temple. Baptism is only a little stepping stone. Elisa the wife of Roshon is progressing so well. She is going to be baptised this Sunday with Carlos and Lola. She is having a lot of problems in her life right now and I know she needs the Holy Ghost more than anything right now. President is making my changes. I'm mos defs leaving the offices, but the change doesn't end for 2 weeks so I will be focusing on baptizing these two weeks. I love my companion! We are working way hard! I wrestle with him a lot. In the offices we have a luchathon, but one of the assistants is a pretty big guy. He gives me a run for my money but I can still beat him sometimes. I hope you are enjoying Star Wars episode 1 3D. The past couple of weeks I have bought my cereal according to the free starwars stuff I can get. We had our zone conference this week and it was a great experience! I learned a ton. We are trying to focus on working with members more. I love the mish.