Good-bye to the office!

Monday, February 27, 2012

This week was good. It was great! Carlos and Elisa were baptised and it went great, except for Lola, the wife of Carlos, couldn't get off work early enough and didn't show up at his baptism. But he was determined to be baptised. I really do love them! Yesterday they were confirmed and it was such a great day. I knew I was leaving the ward so I said goodbye to everyone. I only had 6 weeks in this ward but hands down one of my favorite wards that I have been in. Oh ya, I got my changes and I am returning to TEPIC!!!!!!!! I am way excited! I do love the state of Nayarit! I will be one of the zone leaders up there and I am stoked! I am way excited to work! I have learned so much in my time here and I am way excited to head back to the land of the lamanites. Well this means you need to write me before Monday because I will be writing you Monday in the morning from now on. Love you all! I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know it has THE FULLNESS OF THE GOSPEL!!!!